Snow Days

We've had quite a few snow days lately and we all rejoice. I love sleeping in and my kids are celebrating too (but not because they want to sleep in of course! Heehe!).

I found a good tutorial on Youtube HERE teaching how to make a 6 sided paper snowflake. My kids absolutely loved making their own. We had a full week of paper snowflakes all over the house!

For snow day, I made white play-dough and my kid's had a snowman building contest. I love contests because it keeps them busy! I set out melt beads and small carrot pieces to be used as decorations. That worked pretty well!

Our fluffy wild cat decided to nap by the window. I snuck up on her to take this picture and she never knew I was there.
I don't think soccer and snow really mix but somehow my son figured it out.

This is a snowman that my daughter made and then it snowed again covering it up. Poor snowman!



Hanging On

 I walked in my son's room and found it funny how his stuffed dog was somehow hanging on.


How to make Hearts in Art Pancakes

 Exodus 20:13
Thou shalt not kill.

We are working on the 6th commandment in art pancakes already. Wow, we are more than halfway done! I can hardly believe it! 

To represent the 6th commandment, we made happy heart pancakes. I'm teaching my children that if we live by the Holy Spirit within us, we are going to love others like we should and were not going to want to hurt or murder them. So the hearts represent love.

You will need three colors: white, pink and hot pink.
You will only need one food coloring, pink. Add extra pink coloring to get the hot pink color

Step one: using the hot pink draw a smile
Step two: draw two eyes with the white batter
Step three: surround the entire smile with a pink heart

Step four: using the hot pink, draw dots around the heart
Step five: fill in the heart with the pink batter
Step six: outline the edges of the heart in white

Step seven: put a little batter down and set the stick in it
Step eight: cover up the stick with batter
Step nine: place the pancake on top of the stick, press it down gently and let it cook for a few minutes

Step ten: attach mini chocolate chip eyes with a little bit of white cream cheese.

I've also created a video for you. You can click the link HERE or you can watch it below:

Even after 4 years of making pancake art, my kids still love it! Now that's pretty cool!

Wow, my daughter was really smashing the eyes into these poor hearts! Gotta have fun of course!


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How to Make a Snowflake Pancake

Exodus 20:12
Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long
upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

 I was talking to my oldest daughter the other day about the "cool group" in school since this is something that is newly coming up in her life. I told her that most of us are right in the middle and that's ok. And speaking of what others think, I'm a little self-conscieous myself about my winter earmuff hat that's awesome for keeping my ears warm but I feel pretty geeky in it because it makes my hair look crazy. I already have big hair so I don't need any more assistance in making it look crazier!

 I have a new video up now on how to make a snowflake pancake that I created when our heat in our house was not working and I was almost cold enough to wear my geeky earmuff hat. It was 14 degrees the day that I made this video for you...but of course I didn't break out the hat!

Snowflakes are the theme this month with my kids and boy did I feel like one the day that I made this art pancake! If your new here to my blog, I'm teaching my kids the 10 commandments and we are working on the 5th one right now. Snowflakes have a short life and since most of us would choose to have a long life, we want our lives to be the opposite of a snowflake. The Bible says that if we honor our father and mother, we will have a long life. So the snowflake theme around our house is a good reminder for my kids on what we are working on.

Below is the art pancake snowflake video but if the video player doesn't come up, HERE is the direct link.

Here are some step by step illustrations as well.

  Our heat is now fixed in our house (Praise God!) and I'm feeling warmer so I won't need to bring out my geeky earmuff hat in public just yet. Phew!


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Scaredy Cat

 I see................

I just love this pretty wild cat in our back yard!


Twisting Vines

Psalm 139:23-24
Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: 
And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

I got several macro lens attachments for Christmas (Yeah!) and it's been fun playing with them. Just check out these vines close up. They were twisting around tree branches and they reminded me of this verse. We don't want any wickedness coming in, twisting around and preventing our hearts and lives from being right with God.

Can you believe this budding branch? I think it's a little confused. It's not even close to spring yet. Strange!

Happy New Year!


Disney at Christmas Part 2

Here's a few more photos that I took at several of the Disney properties all decorated for Christmas.

 Check out this life sized gingerbread house! Wow!

A giant gingerbread carousel.

This gingerbread snowman from the movie, "Frozen," was new this year. It's hard to believe it's a giant cookie! It was life sized!

Merry Christmas!