Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In my Window Sill

I walked by the kitchen window and saw that my son had placed this leaf in the sill. I think it looks a lot like a fall leaf don't you? I'm claiming it as our first fall leaf (maybe a far stretch!). As anxious as I was for spring to come, well, I'm now that anxious to get rid of the heat. I love how with seasons, you can look forward to a change just when your tired of the season your in. What a blessing seasons are!

And speaking of seasons, my life is in a new season now that my kids are back in school (as I'm sure many of you can relate). I can actually hear myself think. Kinda weird. I've been blasting music in the house to create some "noise." I'm currently loving this CD of Francesca Battistelli.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

The End of Summer

Hey Friends,

Just in case you're wondering, I'm still here but I had a nice blog break while my kids were home for the summer. And speaking of summer, it just keeps getting shorter and shorter. I remember a time when I was a kid that summer lasted 3 months. Not anymore. I will say though that while I love sleeping in and not packing lunches, it's nice to get back on a school schedule after awhile of lazy daisy-ness, you know? Anyhow, here's a few photos from our summer.

My daughter made these butterfly cupcakes. They are just cupcakes cut in half and turned around.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lazy Daisy Summer

Daisies from our back yard field

How is your summer starting off? Are you able to relax and unwind yet?

We aren't really relaxing yet, well not exactly. My mom came and we worked on decorating (mainly sewing curtains). I'm not too good at sewing. I guess I didn't get that talent. Anyhow, the curtain I pinned was a little bit lopsided and my Mom ended up having to re-sew it. Oh well. So, I ended up painting an illustration for decoration instead. That's more of my comfort zone!

We got a new blow up pool out last week for the kids. Wow, what a chore that was to put up! *Note to self, just buy hard plastic pools in the future! Our air pump didn't seem to work much so we ended up having to blow up most of that pool by ourselves. So exhausting!

Also, I've made THIS  homemade 5 minute ice cream recipe tons of times over the past 2 weeks. I LOVE it! You've got to try it. It's so simple! I suggest you freeze a package of fresh strawberries for it. That is the best! YUMMMMM!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Turtle

While working in the yard this past week, the kids and I found a summer turtle! We kept him as a temporary pet for the day. This little guy seemed to really enjoy eating the mini ornamental strawberries that my kids picked for him to eat.

Happy Summer!

Friday, May 16, 2014

a Crabby Pirate in pancake art

Luke 6:37
forgive, and ye shall be forgiven

Forgiving others is the theme that I'm teaching my kids this month and I'm using a grumpy, silly, Crabby pirate to do it.

My Crabby pirate sketches.

I think that "forgiving others" is one of those lessons that needs to be taught over and over a million-billion times because it's something that just doesn't come naturally (to kids or adults!). However, it's really, truly important to teach this because the Bible says that we won't be forgiven if we don't forgive others and since salvation comes through forgiveness, we totally need to be forgiven ourselves. Wow, this is important!

Here is the video I put together on how to make a Crabby pirate:

Friday, May 9, 2014

An Inspiring Life Story

All day long, over and over I have been thinking about this inspiring life story that I watched on youtube the other day of this young woman (Katie Davis) who followed God’s purpose for her life.  I think I’ve seen Katie’s interview like 3 or 4 times now and I’ll probably watch it again. You have to see it!!!!

Katie was the prom queen, the head of her class, and had her pick of any colleges, but she gave up everything after high school to answer God’s call and move to Uganda to minister to children there.  She is now just 23 years old, has adopted 14 little girls and heads up Amazima Ministires.

Ask God to open your heart if you do watch her testimony because I feel like even though she is really young (23 years old), she has so much wisdom to share, specifically about finding God’s purpose for her life (which we can all apply to our own lives), obedience, and about trusting in God for your needs.

This interview is on the first half of this video from the 700 club. Click the link below to watch it.

 Katie also has a blog and a book


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Color Theme

Every season around here seems to naturally have a color scheme. I've been noticing that all year long when I put together collages of photos that I take around town (like the one below). This month should definitely be called Yellow and Green.