February 28, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday with Dr. Seuss Pancakes

Psalm 139:13 NIV "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;"

I really love Muffin Tin Monday and this week is Dr. Seuss's birthday so I decided to use that for our theme. My kids and I talked about how Dr. Seuss wasn't afraid to be different, silly, wacky, and just well, himself. This really paved the way to also talk about how the Lord made us all unique in our own way, that we are special because God made us.
I didn't have a lot of time today so I had to come up with something pretty quick.  I knew my pancakes had to be swirly and busy and full of silliness.  But how??? I wish that I could have had more time to think of wacky ideas but I had to bring my youngest child to the doctor.
Here is the muffin tin sketch that I came up with and underneath it is my inspiration, my favorite Dr. Seuss book which is Wacky Wednesday.
Since I was in such a rush, I didn't have a whole lot time to take photos but I did get a quick one of the outline before I filled it in.
I had to write the word Dr. Seuss backwards in pancakes so that it was correct when I flipped it. That was a little challenging!
I totally forgot to take the pancake swirls off the muffin tins for a photo so that you could see what I put in there for my kids to eat. So, I'll just tell ya.  There are cutie oranges in three tins, dried cherries, a small handful of candycorns, and yogurt raisins. My kids all shared this so that's why I put so many oranges in there.

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?


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  1. Seriously? This is what you do when you "don't have a lot of time"? Wow. I think this is totally awesome. And it's very hard to pick a favourite Dr Suess... there are so many... Maybe Fox in Socks, or Tubby & The Lantern? My favourite as a young child was Bears In The Night!

  2. Hmmm, I didn't receive my invitation to breakfast...This is super awesome. I'm very impressed and slightly envious, as I'm lucky my round pancakes turn out right!

  3. I absolutely love your tin. I also love the verse. My kids were quoting Psalm 139:14 at home all week for our Bible verse take-home book from church. I am continually blessed by the way you weave scripture into each post and into your children's lives. Thank you. You are an inspiration!

  4. You rock. These are so good!
    You should look into prism colored pencils...they can be pricey...about 25.00 for a set of 25 BUT if you have a 40% coupon to Hobby Lobby, Micheal's , or Joann's so worth it!

    Favorite: The ABC Book, or There's a Wocket in my Pocket.

  5. Amazing! If this is your idea of a "not enough time" MTM, I'd LOVE to see what you would do with a bento lunch!

  6. Whoa!!!!!! I have no idea how to do the Dr Suess theme and was curious as to how people would do it! You've totally set the bar HIGH!!!

  7. Love it! What a fun idea! I just love that you are teaching your children about the bible, too.

    My favorite Dr. Suess book is Go Dogs GO

  8. This is AMAZING!!! You are obviously VERY gifted and talented with drawing and cooking both! great job! I bet your kiddos loved that!

  9. Yes, I agree with sugary Flower..cannot believe this is what you come up with when you "didn't have a lot of time!" so utterly AWESOME!

  10. You are amazingly talented!!! Wow, totally at a loss of words I love this so much.

  11. So Adorable!! My daughter's school celebrated National Pancake day, Pig day, and Dr. Seuss's Bday in style today!!

  12. OK...so are you going to give a pancake tutorial for the griddle challenged?

  13. About the only way I know to do a Dr. Seuss theme is to serve green eggs & ham. HA! I also can't believe this is what you do w/ not much time. Me w/ not much time: throw together a PB&J sandwich, serve w/ applesauce & yogurt. HA!

  14. I just want you all to know how blessed I feel by all your comments and how I take them to heart! Thank you so much!

  15. I just stumbled on your blog from a link to a link to a link to Tasty Tuesday...I'm blown away...You are amazing!