Reindeer Pancake Video Tutorial

I've made my first ever pancake art video tutorial! I'm still working on my video instruction skills but I'm learning. Check it out......

My kids are having some reindeer pancake art fun! Here is the Bible verse that went with our theme this week.

I'm starting a scrapbook for each of my kids of the art pancakes that we make together and the Bible verses that go along with it. I'm hoping that this will help my kids remember their Bible verses when they look back on their scrapbooks.

My daughter's reindeer pancake

My Son's reindeer "interpretation" daugthter's miniature reindeer pancakes that we froze and are putting in her lunch this week to show to her friends.

I realized that my kids needed me to actually demo how to make these pancakes first in order for them to understand how to make them. Originally I just drew pictures of the instructions but then after showing them myself, my daughter understood it better and made these mini reindeers.

So, if you make these with your kids, show them how to do it first and then let them have a ball making their love to make art pancakes!



  1. Bottles! And this whole time I thought you used magic. :) Great tutorial!!/MandyCrandell

  2. This is an AWESOME idea! I have made your pancakes for the kiddos before, but they would LOVE to do it themselves...

    And tying it all to the Bible? Just priceless!

  3. oh i do hope this will be the first of many videos. great job!

  4. Love the reindeer tutorial!! We are all about Christmas in our house :)