Santa Muffin Tin Snack

It's been awhile but I finally got around to making my kids a Muffin Tin after school pancake snack. I didn't have very much time so it had to be pretty simple.
Since I ran out of time before school was out, I just put the apples in the tin without cutting them up. I wondered if that would work....

My daughter DID eat the apple uncut.

My son did NOT-but he did eat the apple after I cut it.

I used a homemade recipe for the pancakes that I was relatively pleased with. I'd like to tweak it some though. Also in my tin is organic blueberry yogurt.

P.S. I'm currently working on a Santa Pancake Tutorial similar to this one so check back soon for it!



  1. I can't get over what you can create out of pancakes! You have a talent!!! Love the tray and all your!

  2. Santa is fabulous! I want that yummy tin :)

  3. LOVE this Christmasy muffin tin!!!

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    Leave me comments to be entered! :))

  4. What an amazing Santa! JDaniel likes his apples cut up these days. He used to like them whole.

  5. super cute! some meals my kids will only eat yogurt, cheese, and fruit...I figured I could give them :)

  6. I am positively astounded that you can make pancakes look like that! I can't even get tidy circles out of mine!

    Lovely, so cute and whimsical!

  7. Saw this on Babble! It turned out perfect, great job, Jenni! Love the holly, too!! Merry Christmas!