Christmas Stocking Pancake Art Tutorial

Christmas is just about here. Wow! Hello??….at what point did the time totally fast forward after Thanksgiving?  I’m not sure where I’ve been, but it seems like a time warp happened and I’m just realizing this.  

My daughter and I (actually her name is "Wonder Women" today) put a new Christmas video together for you. 

By the way, "Wonder Women" did NOT want to wear this red dress for the photo. Probably because it required a change of costume. Heehe!

I’m sad that I’m getting this tutorial out late to you because it was a fun one and with your busy schedules about now, you might not get a chance to do it.  But, it’s OK because there’s Christmas break and your kids probably won’t mind if you all make pancakes in an after Christmas theme.

The purpose of this Tutorial:
The stocking represents gifts (in general) and this tutorial is to give you the "edible tools" to train your kids that Jesus is the absolute BEST gift ever given and that through him, we can have eternal life!

 Colors needed...kind of a lot, I know! 

My daughter made a stocking with the left-over batter. Cute right?!!  Instead of the bear in the stocking, you could totally simplify this tutorial and do just a simple stocking like she did. It totally works too!

Here are a few other Christmasy ideas to try:



  1. You make this look so easy! But I don't know if I would have such luck. A beautiful and yummy treat for the kiddo's. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. You totally would do great with your artistic background! Thanks Lisa...Merry Christmas!

  2. The video with your daughter is precious! I got a kick out of your written commentary too, especially about the eyelashes:) CUTE pancake!
    I have always loved the title "Prince of Peace" for the Savior.