Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Worried Snowman in Pancake Art

Just published... a worried snowman pancake art tutorial on my youtube channel!  This one was created with my daughter again (who calls herself Jasmine in this video) and it's to go along with the Bible verse below.

The purpose of this video is to share with children that they can give God all their worries because he loves them very much and that they don't need to worry about anything!

I snapped this photo while we were cooking up more snowman pancakes later on after the video.

*Challenge* Watch the video and tell me which carrot nose do you think we used...mine or my little Jasmine helper?

Blessings....and be Worry-Free because God loves you :)



  1. You are so so amazing!!! Loving this pancake! Snowman looks a little sad... and yes worried :P

  2. So awesome...the pancakes and the message!

  3. I LOVE the worried snowman pancakes!! and the message! such a great reminder- i needed that :)

    1. Thanks's a good reminder for me too (been reminding myself of it all week)