Monday, January 13, 2014

Coming up Next in Pancake Art

Check out the snowman and igloo house my daughter made. Pretty cool! I love the stick mouth!
My daughter loves to sign her name on my sketchbook when I'm not looking!
*Hint* Hint*

Here's what's coming up next on my youtube channel...that is, whenever I get a chance to work on the new video my daughter and I made recently.  My kids are currently fighting the flu so it may or may not be awhile before I publish it. *Sigh* sickness, it's that time of year....



  1. so darling!!!! I love the stick mouth and all that personality! Our snow won't stick together---it's too fluffy---so we haven't been able to make an outside snowman yet. can't wait to see your adorable edible snow fella! :) xo

    1. The last of our snow has pretty much melted and this snowman is a thing of the past. So sad. I even washed it's scarf already...time for more snow! And time for some good "snowman" type snow for you too!